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What inspired you to write Siege of Ardon?

The inspiration came in the 90's. Over the years I had compiled quite a notebook of ideas and decided to try my hand at writing.

If this is a series why is The Inean Debacle so different?

Siege of Ardon takes dealing with the Ineans from an alien cultures point of view, while The Inean Debacle takes it from a human or Earth point of view.

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How did you come up with all the names and terminology?

I am a history buff and tend to find a lot of useful information from ancient civilizations. Siege of Ardon was inspired by the Sumarian Culture which provided many names and ideas to draw upon. Don't translate names directly though, many have changed meaning to suit the book.

Where are the Ardons in The Inean Debacle?

The Ardons are mentioned in The Inean Debacle but probably wont make an appearance until much later in the series (if at all.) I haven't decided if they are all dead or met some other fate. Stay tuned...

Will there be a sequel to Siege of Ardon?

As I stated above, the Ardon's future after their encounter with the Ineans is a mystery and will probably remain that way for some time. So the short answer is 'no' for now.

What are you working on now?

I have the sequel to The Inean Debacle on my desk in a partially edited form. The first 3 chapters of Ice Queen are posted on this web site in raw, unedited form. I do hope to get serious about publishing this story early in 2016 as it ties up many loose ends of The Inean Debacle. It also sets the stage for the rest of the series.

Will there be a movie?

We can only hope, but as of right now there is nobody offering to produce and movies.

Who is your favorite author?

Tough question because it is always changing. Currently I have been reading Vince Flynn.

What has been your biggest challenge with writing and publishing?

The hardest part was not writing or having people edit the work, or making corrections, or even finding a publisher. The biggest challenge has been marketing and getting the word out. Marketing has been a slow process and hopefully with effort and time, it will pay off.

Do you have any advice for Authors?

Take your time while writing. Don't rush into the open arms of some of these publishers. My first experience was with Publish America, run away from them as fast as you can. Research, research and more research. And don't quit your job yet. For the vast majority of us the sales build very slowly. For a more detailed list see the 'Writing Tips' link on the side bar.

How can readers reach you?

I am on facebook, I also have a Twitter account, and also a blog on Blogger, however the best way is plain email. While social media is very useful I don't check it every day. For the most part if I check social media once a week I'm doing good. So send off an email and I will see it more frequently.

What did you learn from writing Siege of Ardon?

Authors typically make a small percentage off each book they sell. There are many people out there that will provide all sorts of services for lots of money for little or no gain in sales. Services you can do for free with many useful websites that are out there now. That way you get the satisfaction of saving money and putting more in the bank to fund the next epic adventure.

I want to write a story, but I'm not sure how to begin?

See the 'Writing Tips' tab on the right side. Bear in mind that it is how I do things and not necessarily how you should do it.

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