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Siege of Ardon.

Takes place on an alien planet far from Earth while we were fighting the crusades. A hostile race called the Ineans invades a more peaceful race called the Ardons. The Ineans are more technologically advance but have a fatal obsession. The Ardons have their own problems as they try to fend off the Ineans and keep from going extinct. The fight gets furious and both races take a heavy toll.

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The Inean Debacle

The Inean Debacle takes place about 240 years in our future or a thousand years after the Inean/Ardon confrontation. It pits a humanity struggling to survive on a planet ravaged by nuclear war and the Sun which has gone hyperactive in recent years. In both cases life is hard and the population is dwindling. Man's only hope is to find a new place to live or perish from the galaxy. Enter the Ineans. The Ineans see Earth as a strategic planet to base their expansion through the galaxy. They have help from a weak and corrupt government of Earth and have made inroads into Earth's leadership. What stands in the Inean's way of dominating the Earth? Shawn Hackett and crew of a starship are sent to Inea to sign a peace agreement, but everything that could go wrong does. Now they must fight their way back home or die.

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