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Siege of Ardon

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Without warning the alien planet Ardonnar is devastated by violent explosions from their sun Utui. As the Ardonnarians pick up the pieces, they are confronted by Damok-Sai, an alien commander in charge of a hostile invasion fleet with Ardonnar as their next target. The people of Ardonnar fall for the aliens who promise to help in their time of need. However, the true mission of the Ineans is soon learned and the people fight back against the invaders. The Ineans, however, would discover a use for the Ardonnarian people and choose to hold off annihilating them. Choosing instead to enslave them for their insidious purpose. This delay allows groups of resistance fighters, working together across their planet to keep the Ineans off balance. This gives the military, working on a small moon called Anaru, time to build hybrid bombers to attack the Ineans. With time running out for the Ardonnarians, they take the fight to the Ineans.

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Zero – Vour
One – Tuam
Two – Kilu
Three – Girse
Four – Gal
Five – Baur
Six – Nadi
Seven – Tulu
Eight – Amam
Nine – Nidi
Ten – Pur

Units of Measure

Pana = 1.5 feet
Ima = 15 feet (yard)
Zag = 1.3 miles

1 – Ahtu
2 – Tidtu
3 – Serhertu
4 – Nasatu
5 – Wabatu
6 – Ezertu
7 – Sabitu

1 – Alal
2 – Edin
3 – Galu
4 – Nergan
5 – Rappi
6 – Gidim
7 – Kiam
8 – Lilit
9 – Eanna
10 – Leu
11 – Kish
12 – Alme
13 – Shinir

An – god
Awah – wolf type animal
Bulkrah – vulture birds
Cacama – amen
ushik – swear word
Duga – damn it curse
Duranki – very bad swear word
Etlutu – type of morse code
Kur – prophet's name
Melam – wheat
Mulla – demons
Nergal – devil
Rabum – chicken
Sahu – pig like animal
Tari – hell
Telal – ducks
Urukii – nuclear bomb

Maps of Ardonnar

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Eastern continent of Ardonnar

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Western continent of Ardonnar

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